The Pen Vaporizer, also known as an E-Cigarette, is the coolest thing we have seen in a long time. It incorporates the latest technology combined into a very discreet elegant design. It is long lasting, economical and is a very effective product. We focus on quality and purity of the product. we do not use polypropylene glycol or any other filler. These are often added to make the oil less viscous so it will flow better and have been known to be carcinogenic. Our products are 100% pure oil, extracted with a CO2 process which adds absolutely no impurities. We achieve the desired flow results by removing the natural wax from the oil rather than adding thinning agents.


Item Product Name List Price
#394 Pen III  + Battery  (Black) – with button   Variable twist temperature $45 each
#395 Pen III + Battery – (Silver) – with button  Variable twist temperature $45 each

This pen vaporizer has the following attributes:

    • Very discreet. Looks like a pen. People do not know what it really is
    • Vaporizer works very well. Converts all the medicine to vapor
    • Lasts a long time. The rechargeable battery is good for 300 applications.
    • Has an atomizer cartridge with pure Synergy Wellness Cannabis oil
    • One cartridge last a long time. 200-300 doses.
    • No odor – The vapor does not smell and can be used in any location. It will not set off a smoke detector
    • Elegant – Comes in 2 colors: Black and Silver
    • Economical – About $0.35 per medical application use
    • Fast – No need to wait for it to get hot. Use is immediate on demand
    • Taste – The vapors are not harsh, rather it is smooth on the throat and tasty
    • Quality – Pure oil from CO2 extraction of organic cannabis
    • Healthy – CO2 extraction is the purest and healthiest form of processing. Guaranteed non toxic, no wax, no chlorophyll, no PPG, no glycerine or other ingredients

Pen Vaporizer details for use and care.


This pen vaporizer uses pure cannabis oil. The quality and purity cannot be matched with vaporizers made for raw herb. Most vaporizers do not get hot enough. The pen vaporizer is ready to go in seconds, no grinding or waiting to heat up. It comes with a lithium ion rechargeable battery and a charger that fits into a USB port or wall socket. It is very discreet and has been known to go through airport security (note: We do not recommend doing this). It is in a very attractive case with a recharging kit. Cost is $45 for the pen and $75 for most full cartridges (about 1 gram of oil).

Pen Vaporizer CBD Cartridge (1 Gram CO2 Extract)

Item # Product Name Strain Ratios List Price
#351 CBD ACDC 24:1 CBD:THC $100/1 gram
#354 Release ACDC / Bubba Kush 7:1 CBD:THC $95/1 gram
#352 Harmony ACDC / Bubba Kush 4:1 CBD:THC $90/1 gram
#353 Balance ACDC / Bubba Kush 1:1 CBD:THC $85/1 gram
#355 ACDC:Sativa Sativa 1:1 CBD:THC $85/1 gram


Pen Vaporizer Cartridge (1 Gram CO2 Extract)

Item # Product Name Strain Ratios List Price
#301 Blue Dream 80% Sativa THC $75/1 gram
#304 Girl Scout Cookies Sativa hybrid THC $75/1 gram
#305 OG Kush Sativa hybrid THC $75/1 gram
#306 Sour Diesel 100% Sativa THC $75/1 gram
#313 True Berry 80% Indica THC $75/1 gram
#303 Granddaddy Purple 100% Indica THC $75/1 gram