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Product Name Strain List Price
Blue Dream Sativa Hybrid $50/ 1/8th oz
Girl Scout Cookies Sativa Hybrid Out of Stock
Jack Frost (Jack Herrer x White Widow) Sativa Hybrid $50/ 1/8th oz
OG Kush Sativa Hybrid Out of Stock
Sour Diesel Sativa Out of Stock

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is 80% sativa, comes from crossing a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration and heart expansion.  With a sweet berry aroma, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain. This strain test at 16% THC and .25% CBD.

Girl Scout Cookies (out of stock)

girl-scout-cookiesGirl Scout Cookies (originally Thin Mints) is a potent mix of an OG Kush x Durban Poison x Cherry Kush mother backcrossed with an OG Kush father created possibly one of the best Northern California strains of all time.  It is good for pain relief, inflammation, nausea and relaxation. It is a 65% sativa hybrid. It has become one of the most popular strains in the last 2 years. Lab test confirm 19.2% THC.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a Hybrid Sativa strain. It was bred as a combination of Jack Herrer and White Widow.  These fresh flowers provide a stimulating yet grounded effect. At 70% Sativa, 30% Indica, this hybrid offers a great mix of the best medicinal effects of a sativa, including the stimulating and uplifting of ones energy, used for depression and low energy. It also is good for creativity and can stimulate ones appetite, if needed. At the same time, it has good analgesic and pain relief effects of an indica. It tests at 18% THC, 0.4%CBD, so start slow.

OG Kush

This sativa hybrid is one of California’s most popular strains. It is a cross of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush. The name OG comes from Ocean Grown as it was bred at Sunset Beach. It is about 60% sativa and 40% Indica. It has a very unique aroma and an uplifting and energizing effect, creative stimulating. At the same time, there is a full body effect, relaxing and reducing pain in the body. Its popularity stems mostly from its potency. This strain is not for beginners as it packs a strong THC effect. Lab test results at 17.3% THC.

Sour Diesel

SourDieselThis is 100% pure sativa. It contains 21.3% THC. It has a very uplifting and energizing effect, creative and stimulating. It moves the energy up in the body, opening the crown chakra. This medicine is good for nausea, pain relief, appetite stimulation. Also good for depression as it is a mood elevator.


Product Name Strain List Price
Afghani Kush Indica $50/ 1/8th oz
Berry White Indica $50/ 1/8th oz
Granddaddy Purple Indica Out of Stock
Kashmir Kush Indica $50/ 1/8th oz
Purple Kush Indica Out of Stock

Afghani Kush

romulan1This strain is 100% indica. The seeds come from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan and is potent product. These plants were harvested on Full Moon.

Afghani Kush promotes relaxation, relief of stress, reduced inflammation, pain and aids sleep. It is a good evening medicine. The flower buds have a smooth taste and a unique aftertaste. Feedback on this herb is excellent in quality and taste. Afghani Kush has 16.4% THC and .6% CBD. Currently it is on sale for $30 / 1/8.

Berry White

Berry White is as smooth as its name indicates. This strain is sometimes also known as White Berry or Blue Widow, and is all about the finding your bliss and staying there. This indica-dominant hybrid is nothing short of lovely, and represents its parentage not only in its flavor, but also its effects.

This indica-dominant strain, Berry White, comes from a parentage that is nothing short of legendary. This strain is a cross breed of the two top notch strains, Blueberry and White Widow.  an ultimate mood-elevator and lush euphoria-inducing strain.

Grand Daddy Purple gdp1

100% indica strain grown from clone only propagation. GDP is well known for its medicinal properties. Recent feedback on the medicinal effects from patient members give testimony to a high degree of effectiveness. This GDP has 18% THC and .79% CBD.

There is a potent, undeniable grape tinge to this plant’s aroma, and a sweet grape taste that lingers subtly on the tongue. Granddaddy Purple’s effects are enduring, with a smooth even feeling throughout. For an indica, her effect is surprisingly alert and energetic rather than sedating.

This is a body oriented medicine rather than cerebral. It opens the heart and spreads energy to places in the body that need healing. Good for evening time to relax. Also good for physical activities such as yoga, dancing and hiking. Medicinally, this variety has given relief to patients with side effects from cancer chemotherapy and radiation treatments, back and other body pain and it has stopped tremors in Parkinson’s disease.

Granddaddy Purple has taken first prize in no less than four cannabis competitions: The Inglewood Medical Cannabis Cup in 2004, and the Green Cup in 2004, 2005, and 2006. During the growing process, only organic nutrients were used to feed the plants. GDP is potent and has a high degree of THC, CBD, CBN, CBT and CBC.

Purple Kush

This is the best Indica we have. It is great for sleep, pain and relaxation. It reduces anxiety and stress. Good for insomnia and letting go of your worries. The THC level of this strain is very high, at 24%. This is our strongest medicine overall.