M.V., Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you for the clones of AC/DC, Cannatonic and Canna Sue.  I was astounded by the healing abilities of all three strains, so far I have successfully treated arthritis, epilepsy, prostate cancer and colitis.

B.A. Pomona, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I had my MRI on Friday and I was cleared of cancer and my tumor is gone. I used to have a Grade 3 Astrocytoma! I have been using Synergy Wellness tinctures, three times a day, for the last 7 months.
Thank you.

R.S., Oakland, CA

I want to thank Synergy Wellness for your commitment to CBD strains. I have cancer and finding CBD strains is difficult. Yet, Synergy Wellness provides 8 different CBD Rich strains. Your CBD blends are truly an innovative solution, taking 3 different strains to get the optimum 4:1 CBD:THC ratio. In 3 months, my tumors have shrunk to less than half. You definitely are a pioneer on the leading edge of development in this new field. You are a blessing to many. Keep up the good work.

M.L., San Francisco, CA

I have tried a lot of different vaporizers and I highly recommend the vaporizer pen that Synergy Wellness carries. It is elegant, discreet, economical and convenient to use. No dabs, no fuss or mess. It provides the smoothest, healthiest and cleanest vapor I have seen. I prefer this vaporizer exclusively now. Thank you.

M.K., Woodacre, CA

The Third Eye Tincture is highly recommended for daytime use.
This natural medicine is an excellent mood up-lifter and surprisingly long lasting.
It has helped me with my occasional depressions and brought good relief from my recurring back pains. Big thank you to Synergy Wellness for these high quality organic natural remedies.

N.B., Fairfax CA

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with progressive neurological disease of unknown origin, including leg weakness, muscle spasticity, poor circulation, and fatigue. I was using a wheelchair about 75% of the time and forearm crutches the remaining 25%. I have been on every pharmaceutical intervention known to modern medicine with no success.  About 2 months ago I was introduced to high CBD tinctures from Synergy Wellness. After a couple days, I noticed my circulation improving; my feet were becoming warm and pink, the first time in years. My leg strength, spasticity and fatigue are improving daily. I am now walking in a pool, using one crutch for short distances around the house and my energy is steadily climbing. After having experts in the traditional medical system tell me my condition was progressive with no hope of improving, this feels like a Miracle! Thanks Leonard!

G.R., San Pedro, CA

I just wanted to let you guys know how great my son is doing for his epilepsy.  He is having the best seizure control that he’s had in a looong time. Not only that but I am privileged to see him laugh and smile again. It had been months since I’d seen him smile and call me Mama. Thank you for the work you are doing and for really making the best of these plants in the healthiest way. Blessings to all of you and I hope others may be led to the wonderful medicine you are making.

J.S. Los Angeles

My daughter had seizures from epilepsy. There were about 40-50 seizures / week. Some were quite severe. After starting the ACDC oil based tincture, her seizures were reduced dramatically down to 1-2 / week and those are now very mild seizures. The improved effects started immediately after beginning the medication.

B.G., Fairfax

I’ve been using Synergy Wellness products for almost 3 years now. They have helped me greatly with symptom relief from the conventional cancer treatments that I chose. I’ve found no better medicine for relief of chemo induced nausea and radiation induced nerve damage pain than the organic, cbd-rich products that are grown with love right here in Marin. It’s nice to have a friend that I trust to provide safe and gentle medicine for my ongoing fight. Thank you for your progressive and natural care.

__BG, Fairfax, CA

P.B., Kentfield

I love the vaporizer pen. It is elegant, discreet and economical. It is a very effective delivery system. It fits into your pocket or purse perfectly and works perfect! Synergy Wellness oil is extremely high quality, very pure with wonderful long lasting medicinal effects.