July 2019
Which Synergy Wellness product is will work the best for me?
by Elana Cydney Vollen – Synergy Team

The emergence of medical cannabis in the open marketplace can be confounding – so many companies, so many products, so much flowery language. How do you know what will work best for you?? This is a complex question with no simple answer. Because of individual differences, no single answer applies to everyone.

Many factors come into play to determine which product will be most effective for which person. Individual brain chemistry plays the largest role, because we all have unique endocannabinoid systems, with a network of neural receptors that are specifically designed to receive the compounds in cannabis. Some people have receptors that will eagerly receive a particular medicine, while others have a system that needs to slowly awaken to these compounds in order to receive their benefit. For some, this system may not be well-attuned to receive these cannabinoids at all. Many people find cannabis to be beneficial, even miraculous; some may not realize the benefits they expect. Basically it comes down to experimentation with strains, combination and dosage.

We at Synergy Wellness can help guide you to products which typically help with more restful sleep; with inflammation both topically and systemically; products that can help alleviate anxiety and products that can potentially help with pain management.

Our products stand out among others because we offer a wide variety of high-CBD strains that are uncommon in the marketplace. Strains we cultivate have variants based on their genetics and terpene/terpenoid profiles. Some variants are subtle and can only be discerned by the person taking them over a period of time which is why we encourage people to experiment with different blends and dosages. Sometimes we will make recommendations for night-time or day-time remedies based on a strain’s Indica or Sativa profile, but these strains have unique effects for each individual. Indica is generally regarded as relaxing to promote restful sleep while Sativa is generally regarded as stimulating. HOWEVER, it is possible a person can take Indica and be stimulated by it, or feel drowsy with a Sativa product. So our recommendations are intended to serve as general guidelines. We encourage people to ‘go with their gut’ and be open to an experiment.

We usually suggest a slow “titration”, beginning with a very low dose to wake up the endocannabinoid receptors, then increase the dose and interval to achieve desired results. Because CBD and THC cannabinoids work synergistically, each enhancing the properties of the other, combinations are often recommended. Each has different physiological effects. THC products, are generally regarded to have psychoactive properties so titration is a safe way to begin, in order to get accustomed to the effects. Titration is also recommended for CBD products because sometimes a little is all you need to stimulate your cannabinoid receptors to achieve the desired benefit. CBD is generally relaxing; however, CBD does not cause the mind-altering “high” that is often associated with recreational cannabis. It is for this reason that CBD is not considered psychoactive. However, CBD does effect the brain and your mood, consequently some professionals argue CBD is technically psychoactive also.

Here at Synergy Wellness, we are always glad to assist you in finding the right product to most likely benefit you, based on your symptoms. We encourage everyone to keep the experimental nature of cannabis supplementation in mind, to go slowly and carefully notice their personal experience.