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12/21/19 – Cannabis & Sleep
11/12/19 – Alternatives to Pain
09/17/19 – Anxiety Solutions
09/11/19 – Vape Cartridges
07/16/19 – Moskowitz Migraine Protocol
06/11/19 – Is CBD Psychoactive?
04/20/19 – #135 Our Newest Analgesic Blend
12/04/18 – Chronic Disease Breakthrough + Synergy Salve
10/03/18 – Dr. Michael Moskowitz Interview + Ringo’s Gift
07/09/18 – Synergy Tsu
02/25/18CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis – Signing

Feature Articles from Past Newsletters

Can Cannabis Help Me Sleep? – by Elana Cydney Vollen
Which Synergy Product Is Best for Me? – by Elana Cydney Vollen
High CBD Formulas Soothe Anxiety? – by Elana Cydney Vollen and Jacob Barnett
Is CBD Effective fro Treating Animals? – by Elana Cydney Vollen
• Is CBD Psychoactive? – by Jahan Marcu, Ph.D., Ali S. Matthews and Martin A. Lee
Managing Migraine Headaches: Moskowitz Migraine Protocol – by Michael H. Moskowitz, MD, MPH and Leonard Leinow
THCV – by Juliana Birnbaum