• STEP 1: Send us a copy of your doctor’s recommendation and California Drivers License.
  • STEP 2: Complete Membership Application form – below
    Feel free to contact our Synergy Customer Service Team @ 415.488.4885 should you have questions.  To acquire a doctor’s recommendation online, we suggest

STEP 1 - Send your documentation (required):
A. Use this button to select the image of your Drivers License and Doctor's Recommendation from your computer:

B. If you need to select a second image file, use this button (optional):

STEP 2 - Membership Information:

I understand and agree as follows:

I am a qualified patient protected by California Health and Safety Code 11362.7, Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420. My Doctor has recommended the use of medicalcannabis and provided written documentation of such recommendation. My doctor will review my case on a yearly basis. Per the relevant sections of California law, I am able to possess, use, and cultivate cannabis for medical purposes. I agree not to sell Synergy Wellness products to third parties. I agree to follow all the rules and guidelines of the collective.

Disclaimer – General Release, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Clause:

I, Being of lawful age and sound mind, do now release, acquit and forever discharge Synergy Wellness from all actions, claims, demands, or damages accruing to me from any known or unknown injury, loss or damage sustained by or to me. This release shall remain if force and run concurrently with my membership. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Synergy Wellness from any injuries or damages resulting from use or misuse of the medical cannabis products obtained from the collective.

I, as a member of Synergy Wellness Collective, have been advised at the onset of accepting membership, that any representations or recommendation made by the staff at Synergy Wellness is not an examination, diagnosis, or a prescription by a person licensed to practice medicine in this state and therefore must not be regarded as medical opinion. In addition, I acknowledge that I am not employed by any law enforcement or regulatory agencies.

I hereby sign and agree to join the Synergy Wellness collective.

Your full name here is a legal signature.

Synergy Wellness is operating under the Medical Cannabis laws of California. Our products are medically oriented, not recreational. Therefore, all members need to have a doctors recommendation, photo ID and fill out the membership application on this page. We can ship to California addresses only.

Thank you for your interest in Synergy Wellness products!

In Health ~:~ The Synergy Team