To:  Synergy Wellness Collective Members,

A “Shelter in Place” order has been issued for Marin, as well as several other counties in the Bay Area, for the next 3 weeks starting Tuesday 3/16/20 morning.  Essential services, such as healthcare, pharmacies, natural food stores, grocery stores, etc, will be allowed to continue to operate with business as normal.

1)  Synergy Wellness provides essential and necessary services. Synergy Wellness is providing medicine for its members. Every member has a recommendation from a doctor. Therefor, we qualify as a necessary business because we provide essential medicine for healthcare.

2)  Synergy Wellness is doing business via phone and internet.  I just received an email from our shipper stating they will be continuing to operate.

3)  I hope and expect, that Synergy Wellness will stay open and in operation, during the next 3 weeks.

4)  There is a lot of product on the shelves; however, if we run out, our production staff has material on hand to make more as needed.

5)  All of us here at Synergy Wellness are committed to rigorous hygienic practices, making every effort to be certain the products you receive are free from contaminants.

Thank you all for contributing to our team effort during these difficult times. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Leonard Leinow
Synergy Wellness
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