CO2 Extracts

Product – We now have Concentrated Cannabis Extracts. This product is made from our organic flowers (no shake, stems or seeds) using a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction method. This is absolutely the ultimate best and healthiest method for making concentrated oil. CO2 extraction is pure cannabis oil, no chlorophyll, no toxins, no carcinogenic ingredients and no fillers. CO2 extraction is a super critical process using extreme high pressure combined with very low temperatures. In this environment the CO2 is a liquid and is flushed through the flowers, acting as a solvent extracting the pure cannabis oil. No toxic chemicals like butane, hexane or naphtha are used. Many of these toxic substances are often used to make Rick Simpson oil. This concentrated oil is also known as hash oil, honey oil or liquid gold.  It is fully decarboxylated and comes in a dispensing applicator for easy dosing without getting the sticky oil all over everything.

Use – These extracts can be ingested directly in the mouth, smeared on the gums, added to a food , put into a capsule or a suppository. It is a thick paste and will not dissolve in a water based drink. It is super highly concentrated. Comparing our extracts to others on the market, be aware most are made from industrial hemp and are about 12-18% CBD. Our ACDC product is 72% CBD. It is much more potent and therefore you can use a lot less, like 1/4th the amount. The extracted oil is thick and viscous, more like tar or paste than oil. Warming the oil to 100 degrees makes it flow easily. Conversely, cooling the oil will make it more viscous and will flow slower. If you are having trouble getting a small enough amount out for a dose, cool it down in the fridge first.

Dose – For cancer, patients are often recommended to take 100-200 mg/day CBD. This is a very small amount = .15-.3 gm and it is best to split it into 3 doses per day (=.05-.1 gm / dose). One scale we have seen used is 0.5-2.0 mg / lb / day. This is valid for epilepsy and other serious diseases. The dose is dependent on several factors, including weight, sensitivity and history of use. We always suggest starting off small and slowly increasing over time. One method of dosing is to use a half of a rice grain size in the beginning for 3 days. Slowly increase the dose every 3 days till the target dose is reached. This allows time for the body to adjust and for the Endocannabinoid system to acclimatize.

If you want to use small amounts of CBD, we highly recommend using the alcohol or oil based tincture products, where one can count the drops and be more accurate with dosing


CO2 Extract

Item # Product Name Strain Ratios List Price
#376 CBD Dominant ACDC (1 Gram)(725 mg CBD + 30 mg THC) ACDC 24:1 CBD:THC $100/1gram
#377 CBD Dominant ACDC (3 Gram)(2,178 mg CBD + 90 mg THC) ACDC 24:1 CBD:THC $285/3gram
#378 Release (1 Gram)(550 mg CBD+ 77 mg THC) ACDC + Indica 7:1 CBD:THC $95/1gram
#379 Release (3 Gram)(1650 mg CBD + 77 mg THC) ACDC + Indica 7:1 CBD:THC $270/3gram
#380 Harmony (1 Gram)(500 mg CBD + 125 mg THC) ACDC + Indica 4:1 CBD:THC $90/1gram
#381 Harmony (3 Gram)(1,500 mg CBD + 375 mg THC) ACDC + Indica 4:1 CBD:THC $260/3gram
#382 Balanced (1 Gram) (325 mg CBD + 325 mg THC) ACDC + Indica 1:1 CBD:THC $85/1gram
#383 Balanced (3 Gram)(975 mg CBD + 975 mg THC) ACDC + Indica 1:1 CBD:THC $250/3gram
#387 THC (1 Gram) (650 mg thc) Indica THC $75/1gram
#388 THC (3 Gram)(1,950 mg thc) Indica THC $220 / 3 gram
All our C02 extracts are supplied in syringes for ease in dispensing and precise measurement