CBD Book Updates

Latest Developments In The Medicinal Cannabis Industry

In just over three years, since its release, CBD A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis: Healing Without the High has become a “best seller” with over 36,000 copies in print and now translated into Spanish, German and Dutch!  It is used as course material throughout the world and is considered by Jeffrey Anderson, MD to be, “The most comprehensive publication on the science and therapeutic use of cannabinoids yet produced.”

Because the art and science of medicinal cannabis use is changing continually, with new  research discoveries appearing regularly, we highlight some of the most impressive articles on this subject below.  These articles are intended as a supplemental update to the book itself in hopes of shedding new light on the rapidly evolving understanding of this remarkable plant!

Ethan Russo, MD interview with Martin Lee of Project CBD: CBG, cannabinoid acids, and the global CBD phenomenon (01.02.20)

Two New Cannabinoids Discovered! (01.02.20)