Who We Are

Who We Are

Synergy Wellness was formed with the intention of serving the needs of people that are truly in need of medicinal help. Our primary focus has been of researching which strains are most beneficial for various medical conditions. In order to control the quality, we have learned that we need to grow our own medicine. This way, it will be organic and it will be the specific strain we seek.

Synergy Wellness was created in 2009. By the end of 2010, we started to hear about CBD rich strains and we gathered the few that we could find. Harlequin was our first CBD strain and then Cannatonic was available. Since then, we have found 9 different CBD rich strains that we could cultivate as live plants.  We do not create or breed strains. We do research, hunt and find the strains we want to grow, and then propagate them. We have been able to reproduce them by cloning mother plants.

Besides the unique strains acquired, we have developed techniques for making tinctures that we believe are the best in the industry.  We are always looking to improve our techniques to make the products better, stronger and more effective. Hence, we are always doing research. In addition, we have developed skills to assist in helping you decide which products will be most beneficial.

We pride ourselves in being a small boutique horticultural operation that can respond to customized needs of our clients.

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