Help make CBD legal

The DEA recently added a new category for cannabis concentrates. In that announcement, it made clarification statements that all cannabis plants and products, including CBD and industrial hemp, are Schedule 1 substances. FYI, Schedule 1 substances include heroin and other substances that have no medicinal value plus have tendencies to be addictive with high abuse.

Feedback from our 4,000 members has shown CBD has no psychoactive effect, has zero potential for abuse or addiction and has proven medicinal value, even saving lives.  On the average, our members have been able to reduce opioid intake by 60% within 3 weeks, on their way to ending all opioid use.  As you can imagine, pharmaceutical companies are not happy about this.

Yesterday, a family thanked us for providing CBD medicine that saved the life of their 4 year old son with intractable epilepsy. Four times he almost died requiring visits to the ER because he stopped breathing. Today, with our CBD medicine, his seizures have stopped. We hear stories like this every day. It touches our heart and this is why we are here. We know for a fact that CBD does have very effective medicinal value.

For about one year now, I have been predicting that President Barak Obama would take CBD off the DEA Schedule 1 classification before he left office, January 17, 2017.  Now, there is a petition to him to do exactly that.  FYI, I usually do not get involved in political or legal causes, however, I think we can have an impact and possibly make a difference.  You can help make this happen.
To sign petition, Click Here

In addition, if you want to get CBD medicine for your family, that is organic, pure and safe, we offer two avenues:

1) Become a member of Synergy Wellness Collective. This requires a doctors recommendation and that you sign a membership application Here.  We are offering a 10% discount for CBD only products (24:1) for the next 2 weeks, ending 1/21/17.

2) Purchase from our sister website Healing Essence CBD. No doctors recommendation is needed and there is an online shopping cart. It has only CBD (24:1) oil based tinctures that are available in 3 flavors. First time users can receive a 10% discount.