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We’re writing a book on CBD– and we need your stories!
Synergy Wellness founder Leonard Leinow and Office Manager Juliana Birnbaum (author of the award-winning 2014 title Sustainable [R]evolution) are co-authoring a patient’s guide to Cannabidiol (CBD).  The book will be published by North Atlantic Books, a Berkeley-based nonprofit press, with national (and potentially international) distribution by Penguin Random HouseWe’re bringing together the most cutting-edge research on treating health conditions with CBD with information about proper dosage and personal stories from patients.
Do you have a success story related to using CBD for your health condition?  We are collecting brief anecdotes (1 – 2 paragraphs) from patients about how they use CBD for wellness.   We will publish some of the writing alongside information on current science and advice about using CBD for that particular health issue.  Submissions are due by December 1, 2016, and can be sent to info@synergycbd.com with the subject line  “Story for the CBD Patient’s Guide”.  We can publish writing anonymously if desired and reserve the right to copyedit your words.


Sunrise in San Anselmo  –  Photo by Michael Lipson

Several scientific studies link CBD to appetite reduction, smaller waists and lower cholesterol, and suggest it as a therapy for obesity
From the Discover CBD Blog with links to the studies:
A team of researchers led by Gernot Riedel discovered that rats that received oral CBD were less likely to overeat, even when presented with large amounts of food, compared to rats that received other types of hemp-derived supplements or no supplements at all. The rats that were administered CBD ate less often and consumed less food when they did eat. Their appetite regulation lasted for four hours or more after exposure to CBD.

A recent study, by Lanuti et al., found that cells released less cholesterol into the bloodstream when they were exposed to CBD. Another role for CBD to help with obesity was suggested by Silvestri et al. They compared liver cells exposed to high levels of lipids, or fats. One group of cells was also treated with CBD. The CBD-treated cells contained lower lipid amounts compared to the no-CBD control group. 

One of our members, a local doctor, lost 32 pounds in 8 weeks from using CBD in various forms. He says the introduction of CBD has taken away the desire to eat more than is needed by the body. At some point in the meal, he gets an internal signal that the body has ingested enough food, like he is full. He listens to that message and just stops eating. It does take some discipline to not keep eating just because it taste good. However, the results are amazing.

We have a new strain that we are excited about, named Remedy, also known as Lemon Remedy. This strain has a similar profile to ACDC and Valentine X, with a 24:1 CBD:THC profile. We have been developing it for the last several months and we love growing it. The genetics are derived from crossing Cannatonic with Afghani Skunk, which would make it 75% Indica and 25% Sativa, the plant looks and grows a lot like the Indica variety. It has fat leaves, a short bushy stature and a very quick flower cycle. The flowers have tiny magenta hairs on top and are quite beautiful.

One user’s feedback stated he felt focused, alert, calm, motivated, with good energy and not at all sleepy. However, Leonard has used it at night time as a sleep aid and it works great. We do not have a lot of feedback yet as this is a new strain to us. However, we feel that it will be good to use in situations that require mostly CBD medicine without the THC effects. It is good for epilepsy, anxiety, pain, PTSD, inflammation, relaxation and in situations where the patient does not want the psychoactive side effect. 
In addition, we feel it will be useful for patients who have tried both ACDC and Valentine X strains in the past, initially had good success and now these strains are not working as good. By switching strains, one often finds a new alignment with the cannabis medicine and it becomes effective again.  We would love your feedback with this process.


Admiring the Remedy Flower Buds

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