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Synergy Wellness is VERY excited to announce the launching of our new line of medical cannabis products, and a new website where you can order on-line!

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                 Now – 3 flavors available:  Lemon-Ginger, Chocolate-Mocha, and All-Natural

If you’ve tried our CBD tinctures, you know that quality is our #1 priority. We’ve created this new line of oil infusions that feature:

  • 3 Flavors!  In addition to our all-natural, we made two absolutely delicious variations: Chocolate-Mocha and Lemon-Ginger. It’s a tasty way to get your daily dose of CBD!
  • All our products are made from our highest grade cannabis flowers, grown organically and minimally processed, for the optimum support of your health and healing process.
  • Made with organic sunflower oil (Lemon-Ginger flavor), or natural coconut oil (Chocolate-Mocha flavor), plus all natural flavors direct from the plant kingdom. These two flavors are touched with stevia so they dance on your tongue!  
  • You can order these products directly from the shopping cart on our website, www.HealingEssenceCBD.com, and we’ll deliver them to your door.
  • Because the THC level is so low (less than .05%), these products meet or exceed the Federal guidelines for hemp oil, which is sold nationwide. That means you don’t need a Doctor’s prescription to buy these products!  
  • 3 sizes. These come in 1/2 oz (250 mg); 1 oz (500 mg) and 2 oz (1,000 mg)

More than 6,000 people have used our products during the past seven years, and more than 20,000 orders have been successfully delivered throughout California.  We have gotten rave reviews, and continue to get testimonials from people suffering from neurological and mood disorders, cancer, M.S., pain, epilepsy, and many other conditions. To see the research and scientific background on CBD as a medicinal herb and its healing value, please visit CBD4Health.com.

We created these products to be a natural health food, a holistic health addition to any diet.  They are made from 100% organic cannabis, sustainable and ethically grown and harvested, and they’re thoroughly tested by third-party scientific laboratories to ensure they meet or exceed our strict quality standards, and contain no contaminants from artificial herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. These products are grown, made and manufactured by Synergy Wellness from their ACDC strain.

Our CBD oils are produced from strains that are naturally low in THC, less than 0.05%, so you get all the health benefits of cannabis without altering your consciousness. Our source material is pure medical cannabis buds and flowers. [This is the opposite of hemp oil, which is made from the stalks and stems of the industrial hemp plant, grown to make rope, fabric, and plastics. Industrial hemp plants are often grown overseas, using intense agricultural practices such as pesticides and other toxic agro-chemicals).

We extract the plant’s whole natural cannabidiol (CBD) along with numerous other natural and health-sustaining cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytochemicals, all of which interact synergistically to create what scientists refer to as an “entourage effect.” This can magnify the therapeutic benefits of the plant’s individual components.(1)

Our unique, gentle, hand-crafted process extracts all the nutritive value of the plant’s buds and flowers, and keeps the constituent elements as close to nature as possible.

Our product is very potent. It contains 17 mg CBD / ml and less than 0.05% THC

  • 1/2 oz bottle contains 250 mg CBD
  • 1 oz bottle contains 500 mg CBD
  • 2 oz bottle contains 1,000 mg CBD

Our goal is to provide you with optimum nutritional support on your health and healing journey. Please check out our new line, and visit our website, where you can order directly without a doctor’s prescription.

And please pass this email on to others who are experiencing health difficulties, or those who want to prevent health difficulties in the future!

Visit us at www.HealingEssenceCBD.com

[1] “Terpenes and the ‘Entourage Effect,’” Project CBD,  https://www.projectcbd.org/terpenes-and-entourage-effect;

“Synthetic vs. Whole Plant CBD,https://www.projectcbd.org/article/synthetic-vs-whole-plant-cbd

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