Summer 2016 Newsletter

Summer is the season of light and the element of fire. We also celebrate the energy of the earth with its healing and nurturing powers. My wife, Terumi, beautifully describes this in her Feng Shui newsletter. By Letting the light shine through us, and by practicing acts of kindness, we can help heal ourself and this world. Remember, CBD enables the body to heal itself, on many levels.

The 4th of July celebrates our country emerging from a darker time of oppression into freedom. In the same way, we celebrate the emergence of the cannabis industry from an 80-year period of prohibition. Light is beginning to shine on our industry, as it becomes more legalized and regulated. It is starting to get the recognition it deserves as a resource of true medicinal value.

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Harvard Medical School conference: 

Reporting last month from Cambridge, Massachusetts, John Dvorak writes:  “It was a humbling experience watching more than a dozen doctors, researchers and citizen scientists present at CannMed 2016: a Personalized Cannabinoid Medicine Conference hosted by Courtagen Life Sciences and Medicinal Genomics April 10-11, 2016.  This groundbreaking conference took place in Boston, a world-renowned hub of medical research and life-sciences innovation.  Holding the conference at Harvard Medical School gives much needed credibility to the realm of cannabinoid research. 

The overriding theme of the conference was not if cannabis should be used, but how it can be used to treat myriad ailments.  Several presenters including keynote speaker Raphael Mechoulam bemoaned the fact that more clinical research is needed to provide scientifically based quantifiable data so doctors can make the most informed medical decisions.  The major stumbling block to this is the designation of cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic. Much of the presentations at the conference can be accessed online.  Read more here

Clinical Trial

Are you interested in beta testing some new CBD strains we’re developing?  If you have tried both ACDC and Valentine, and have not experienced the results you’re looking for, contact us about trying some of our strains currently in test mode.  Write to us at for more information and let us know your medical condition, experience you have had with CBD and your goals. We will be selecting a few people to participate in a small clinical trial. Thanks!

Raw Cacao Bars

This month we are featuring a new Organic, Non GMO, Raw Cacao product in eco-friendly packaging made specifically for Synergy Wellness by the Green Cacao Company. It contains rich CBD from the ACDC strain in a real health food product.


Consume Mindfully & Listen to Your Body: In addition to theobroma cacao & outdoor whole plant cannabis, a range of botanical & organically grown superfoods are included in each bar.  Pure top shelf, plant-based, nutrient-dense, healthy & delicious products.  Each botanical ingredient we use offers wellness benefits ~ it’s all ‘plant medicine’.


Its safe for diabetics, with no conventional sugars; no high fructose syrups; no agave; no honey, No preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients. It contains raw organic Goji Berry and a ‘trace’ amount of Xylitol.  

Unfortunately, raw cacao does not travel that well above 90 degrees, so, if shipping, only order if you are confident it won’t be sitting in a hot mailbox!  At this time, we are limiting one to a customer. More info here.

Featured Special

Vaporizer products are on sale this month. This includes: all pens and cartridges. You will get a 10% discount for the rest of the month of July on all vaporizer products.


I am very lucky that Multiple Sclerosis has not taken my ability to walk or to see. However, I do experience chronic pain every day.  Thankfully, we found Synergy Wellness!  I have been using many of their tinctures on a daily basis for 4 years, and they enable me to feel “normal”.  Managing my pain is just part of my life, but with that controlled, I’m able to live life the way that I want, not what my body dictates!  I love that CBD works on the pain without making my brain foggy.  Also, when the pain comes quickly, the vape pen, with a high ratio CBD cartridge, quickly alleviates the pain without adversely affecting my daily activities.  Many Thanks to Leonard for developing and providing these medicines and for the extensive knowledge that he has conveyed. It dramatically helps me deal with my MS.     E.B. – San Jose, CA.

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