January 2016

Greetings. I hope the new year is treating you well. This is a time for visualizing what you want to bring in for the year to come. Focus on the Joy you will feel when you Heal and Revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

At Synergy Wellness, we have made a couple of new products that we want to share with you.

Salve (AKA Balm)
We recently made a batch of salve that is quite exceptional. It contains a cannabis blend that has a 4:1 ratio of CBD:THC. FYI, using THC topically does not cause any psychoactivity. The salve is in a base of coconut oil, mango butter and beeswax. In addition, we have added essential oils that are specific for pain, arthritis and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains Rose Geranium, Lavender and Lemon Eucalyptus. I know it sounds good enough to eat, but this is for a topical skin application. It is made from 100% organic ingredients and comes in one ounce containers. Typically, salves are good for problems that are fairly close to the surface of the skin. It can penetrate ½ inch to 1 inch in depth and has a very pleasant aroma. It is also good for rashes, skin abrasion and other surface wounds that are not healing. The cost is $50 / ounce.

CBD Capsules
We have made some capsules that contain ACDC as a source for CBD. These capsules contain the flowers that have been decarboxylated to convert all CBDa to CBD. It has been ground to a very fine powder and loaded into capsules for oral consumption. Each capsule contains 50 mg CBD and 2 mg THC. (25:1 ratio). This is equivalent to 3 ml of ACDC tincture. It is good for sleep, pain, cancer and inflammation issues. This is a more cost effective method of putting large amounts of CBD into the body. The cost ranges from $2.50 – 3.00 / capsule. ($.05 – .06 / mg). This can cut the cost close to half. There are two issues to be aware of:

  1. Some people may react to having this form of cannabis in their stomach, causing gas or indigestion. If so, having a little food in your stomach first, will help.
  2. This is designed for people taking large amounts of CBD. If you only need 0.5 – 2 ml of ACDC (10-40 drops), then this will be too potent for you.

Other News:
Migraine Headaches
Study shows that migraine headaches were greatly prevented, reduced or aborted with the use of cannabis and CBD. Overall, there was a reduction in 60% of the cases and the intensity and duration were greatly reduced.

Drug Interactions
Research, as well as experiential feedback, shows that there is very little drug interaction between CBD and the various chemo therapies used for cancer treatments. However, for seizures and epilepsy, there have been a few cases of drug interactions with some of the prescribed pharmaceutical therapies. At sufficient dosages, CBD can temporarily deactivate cytochrome P450 enzymes. This can cause certain seizure medications to be less effective. Read some of the research here.

Drug Testing
Some people are concerned about having to take urine drug tests for employment. Research shows that if the person is taking a high CBD product like our ACDC 24:1 in moderate amounts (less than 200 – 300 mg / day), there should not be a positive reaction to THC in the test results.

The following chart shows the properties of the primary cannabinoids.

All vaporizer products (oils, cartridges, pens and atomizer) will have a 10% discount for the remainder of the month (January 31st). See product list here

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