Summer 2015 Newsletter

I hope you are enjoying your summertime. A good time to be outdoors in nature. Mother nature promotes healing, reduces stress and gives one a feeling of calm and relaxation. 

There has been much in the news about Cannabidiol (CBD) lately. While CBD does promote healing on many levels, we believe that CBD inspires the body to heal itself, both on a cellular micro level and overall body macro level. It inspires and enables health, balance and vitality. At the same time, it reduces stress and inflammation. It is a neuro-protector, helping eliminate seizures. It also inhibits the growth of cancer cells. 

We believe that your body has an inherent healing capacity built into the system. Part of this is the endocannabinoid system, CBD triggers the endocannabinoid to wake up and come alive. 

The fact that your body is replete with cannabinoid receptors, key to so many biological functions, is why there’s such enormous medical potential for cannabis. CBD may be the most potent and beneficial of the cannabinoids, particularly for tamping down an overactive immune system, as is the case with autoimmune disease. CBD also has antipsychotic properties but does not get you high.

The endocannabinoid system was first discovered by Rafael Mechoulam, an Israeli scientist. He also was the first person to identify CBD, THC, and many of the other 85 known cannabinoids (CBN, CBC, CBG, THCa, CBDa, etc). Mechoulam has become known as the grandfather of cannabis. A very interesting documentary of his life, titled “The Scientist” can be seen here

Trichome micro 3

This is a picture of magnified trichomes.  These are the resin glands on the cannabis flowers. They contain the CBD medicine, together with the THC and other cannabinoids.

For many raised and living within a Western model to health and wellness, it is easy to overlook other systems’ medical perspectives. Rasayana and Ayurveda are two Vedic (pre-Hindu) sciences of lengthening the lifespan and the wellness of life, respectively. Rasayana literally translates as the Path (āyana) of essence (rasa), while Ayurveda is a popular form of Indian medicine still practiced to this day. Together, they offer a point of contrast to a Western approach that focuses upon illness and disease only after it manifests in the body.

If we assume an Eastern approach and view the body’s natural state as health, then illness occurs when the body has become out of balance and more susceptible. It focuses upon maintaining optimal wellness, to keep the body healthy and prevent illness. In this way, medicine is intended to inspire the body to heal and rebalance itself rather than healing the body directly. Cannabis, referenced heavily in Vedic texts, is thought to be an ingredient in Soma. The sacred elixer, Soma, was used ceremonially to increase vitality and intelligence and to prolong life. Our intention at Synergy Wellness is that cannabis be an offering to inspire your body to rebalance and heal.

Latest Research
Bone Healing –
Recent news on CBD includes use on healing bone fractures. Again from Israel, Dr. Yankel Gabet and Itai Bab have discovered that using CBD (without THC) will speed up the recovery of broken bones and that the healed broken bones will be stronger than the original bones, preventing future breaking. 

Social Anxiety – Studies show that CBD is very good for social anxiety. As little as one dose drastically reduced anxiety levels, cognitive impairment and fear of public speaking, eliminating thoughts of negative self-evaluation. After taking CBD, MRI scans showed increased activity in the limbic and paralimbic portions of the brain, linked to anxiety.

CBD & NIH – The National Institute of Health (NIH) has acknowledged that CBD does have positive effects for Anti-seizure, Neuro-protective, Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic (pain relief), Anti-Tumor, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Psychotic, Anti-Anxiety and treatment of substance use disorders. The US Government is actually Funding Studies on many of these applications of CBD, including cancer, epilepsy and psychiatric disorders.

Immune System – There is evidence that boosting the immune system will greatly help your treatment of many diseases, including cancer, seizures as well as general health. Turkey Tail mushroomsTumericCordyceps, Reishi and Shiitaki mushrooms are all very beneficial in boosting the immune system.

Please Contact Us for information. We are available for consultations to help educate, select the best protocol and figure out the appropriate dose. We have 7 years of feedback from our clients and this knowledge may help shorten your CBD journey to health. Shipping is available to our members.
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