Spring 2015 Newsletter


Spring is here in full glory with its many flowering blossoms and warm days. This is my favorite time of year, where creativity and regrowth abound in nature.

Here at Synergy Wellness we have some new products we are very excited about. We have been making some very concentrated oils using carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method. This is generally accepted as the healthiest processing method.

Why CO2?

Generally, using cannabis oil is more healthful than smoking flowers. But many cannabis oils use toxic substances in the extraction process. Butane, the most common solvent, is a known cause of cancer and best not ingested. Alcohol, while not quite as unhealthy, produces a dark green final product and chlorophyll has a harsh taste.

Using carbon dioxide (CO2), a naturally occurring element, has many benefits. The process allows terpenes of the cannabis strain to remain intact while preserving a broad spectrum of cannabinoids. Terpenes themselves have healthful qualities. For example, Beta Caryophyllene, a common cannabis terpene, has anti-inflammatory properties and is also found in turmeric and cumin. Every strain has a unique profile of terpenes and cannabinoids that interact, creating specific health effects upon the body.

Every step in creating Synergy CBD products exudes intention and care, especially compared to most commercial CO2 industrial hemp CBD oil. Many commercial oils are made from hemp grown in China. One risks pesticide bioaccumulation, as toxins become more potent when consumed at concentrated levels. Industrial hemp oil is always made from stems and seeds.  The CBD content is usually 12-18%. Compare it to our CO2 oil, which is hand crafted in small batches, is made from high-grade organically–grown fully matured cannabis flowers and buds (no seeds or stems) and contains 72% CBD. The complete cannabinoid profile is maintained intact without the chlorophyll or natural wax.

           20150424 leonard report ACDC resin.pptx

This is the certificate from the lab test

We are offering CO2 oil both as a filled vaporizer cartridge, as well as the oil in individual applicator containers. No, the syringe is not to be injected. Rather it offers a method of managing and dispensing the oil, because the oil is sticky and difficult to manage. Syringes make them easier to handle. We have four different ratios of CBD:THC available because people have different medical conditions and different personal preferences. 

       24:1 CBD:THC      725 mg CBD  +  30 mg THC           

       7:1   CBD:THC       550 mg CBD  +  77 mg THC   

       4:1   CBD:THC       500 mg CBD + 125 mg THC  

       1:1   CBD:THC       325 mg CBD + 325 mg THC

Please check our product offering webpage and our Price List webpage for more details. Compare these numbers to other products in the market. I believe there is nothing close to it in purity, potency and price.


When would someone use CO2 oil versus the tinctures? Here are the pros and cons. If someone needs large doses (3-4 ml of tincture / dose of tincture is often recommended for cancer), the CO2 oil becomes a more economical to access higher levels of CBD. However, be aware that the CO2 oil is far more difficult to manage. It is sticky and messy and often gets all over everything, resulting in product being waisted. 

However, if someone requires lower doses of tincture (.5-1.5 ml = 10-30 drops), it is much easier to measure the tinctures and olive oil based products. Functionally, it is impossible to accurately measure small amounts of CO2 oil. For low doses, one can count the drops of olive oil or tincture.

How to Use?

As mentioned, the oil is very thick and viscous. Even though it is called an oil, it is more like a tar or sticky paste. Heating it lowers the viscosity making it runny and cooling increases viscosity. If you want to get small amounts out, use it in a cooler state. It can be put it in capsules, suppositories, smeared on the gums, put in food, smoked as dabs or applied topically. The taste is very intense and most people prefer to cover it up. It will not dissolve in water and for cleanup, use alcohol or acetone. Each 3 gram syringe comes with a dispensing needle for loading capsules. 



Spring time is planting time. We have lots of Live Plants, mostly ACDC clones and a few small teens available. There is a limited supply of a few other strains also, including some high thc sativa and indica plants. These must be picked up in person at our collective in Woodacre. No shipping. Please call our office to schedule a pick-up 415-488-4885 or send an email to:   info@synergycbd.com.  Remember, you must be a member to buy clones:     
Membership Application

 New Formulas

These are general formulas designed to cover a wide range of use. They have been formulated to offset the side effects from chronic persistent usage of cannabis in a medical setting. 

They have these specific properties: 

Formula 1 mildly generates lung & kidney yin, stimulate digestive enzymes, mild detoxify and strengthen brain & neurological functions.

Formula 1  contains:   High CBD Indica, Noni, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps, Dandelion, Passion Flower, Marshmellow, Milk Thistle 

Formula 2  Strengthens yang, increases Qi, stimulates the immune system and strengthens blood

Formula 2 contains:   Balanced CBD/THC Sativa, Moringa, Astragalus, Cordyseps, Nettle, Tulsi, Meadowsweet, Echinacea 

Other offerings:

       Tinctures:   Synergy Wellness Tinctures
       Flowers:  CBD,   Sativa,   Indica
       Vaporizer:  Synergy Wellness vaporizer-pens
       We have a few dog biscuits available that have ACDC added. 

Other News

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To better inform yourself as consumer, we invite you to ask how a product is processed and what you are getting. Stay healthy and wise!