ACDC Testimonial for Epilepsy

My son was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 9 months old and had been having seizures since he was 4 months old. At first, the seizures resembled reflux and lasted a few seconds. The seizures became progressively worse over time, despite trying several medications, the ketogenic diet, and combinations of medication.  His quality of life began to deteriorate and his development started regressing. He had developed a few different seizure types and was having 20 to 30 seizures each day. Some of the seizures lasted 4 or 5 minutes. Some were brief, but extremely violent, causing him injuries. Sometimes, he would stop breathing and turn blue. We’ve learned how to administer rescue meds and made several trips to the ER as well. It was a traumatic experience to see our son slowly slipping away into a haze of seizures, medication, and hospital trips . We heard stories of cannabis for treatment of seizures and started our journey. We had a difficult time sorting through all of the products that claim to be ‘high CBD’. We were referred to Synergy Wellness by a group of parents that were using it successfully. We are giving him the ACDC olive oil tincture since January 2014. On May 18th, he had a seizure free day. When he had seizures, they were less intense. The last 52 days have been seizure free. More importantly – he is laughing, playing on his own, developing, babbling, and living. We are in the process of weaning the last medication. His therapists (OT/PT/Speech) are amazed at the recent progress.

We are so grateful for the commitment that Denise and Leonard have for helping children with seizures. Epilepsy had taken our entire family hostage and now we are starting to reclaim our lives.