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Autumn Equinox

Today is the first day of Autumn 2013 and you can feel the days shortening. Friday night we had our first rain in a long time. We spent a couple of hours rigging a covering over our outdoor crop to protect it from rain damage. A portion of the crop has already been harvested on full moon and the remaining portion is getting quite plump with juicy medicine. You can see from pictures that the crop is incredibly happy.

This is a special time of year. We give thanks for the bountiful fruits we are harvesting from the seeds we planted last spring. Terumi’s Spirit of Feng Shui insight in her latest newsletter is quite inspiring.


We have been quite busy. Our collective has been expanding about 20% each month as news of CBD spreads. CNN had a show a few weeks ago, with Sanjay Gupta, their senior Medical Analyst. He showcased a 5-year-old girl in Colorado with severe epilepsy. After taking a CBD rich extract, her seizures went from 300 per week to 1 per week.

It was so heart warming and touching to see this dramatic change, especially how it affected the parents. CNN is very mainstream and since then, we have been very busy. Our name has been passed around the network of parents with epileptic children. As it turns out, our ACDC strain is very close to Charlotte’s Web, the strain used in Colorado, as it has the perfect ratio of 20:1 CBD:THC for epilepsy. Client feedback indicates tremendous results using the ACDC tincture for epilepsy and parents are extremely grateful. Here is Sanjay Gupta’s video on CBD and epilepsy.

ACDC Blends

We have formulated a couple of blends of CBD rich tincture that are striving to achieve a ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 CBD:THC. Research as well as client feedback indicates that this ratio is optimum for diseases such as cancer, tumors, inflammation related diseases as well as pain issues. The CBD is important, but having a small amount of THC present actually increases the overall effectiveness of the medicine. It is the synergy of all the different elements working together. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We have two ACDC blends:

CBD Indica blend containing ACDC, Canna Tonic and Canna Sue
CBD Sativa blend containing ACDC, Harlequin and Sour Tsunami.
We recommend using the sativa blend in the morning and the Indica Blend at night. If you are taking 3 doses per day, the afternoon dose will be half sativa & half indica.

Lab Testing

Most of our new clients come from word of mouth from satisfied existing clients. I guess people have been saying nice things about us. One of our members grew some of our ACDC clones and took them to Steep Hill Labs for testing. Steep Hill is the premier cannabis testing lab in California. The test results were amazing with 24.5% CBD and .9% THC. Kudos to Skylar for a great job. Other clients had taken some of our products there for testing also, with great results around 20% CBD. Yesterday, the president of Steep Hill Labs paid us a visit and to check out our operation. We had a wonderful time together. He was quite impressed.


As our operation expands, it has become necessary to bring on help. We are in the process of hiring a new office manager to make sure things do not slip through the cracks. We are also implementing new software currently. Please be patient with us during the transition. In addition, Leonard’s time has become more in demand. Consequently, we have initiated a new policy that includes a consulting fee. This is primarily for new clients needing assistance in strain and dose recommendations. The consultation process is a mixture of Art and Science. Results of research, as well as client feedback are used to assess the individual needs of each client. Intuitive techniques assist in the process. The recommended donation is $100/hr. For hardship cases, there is a sliding scale. Please let us know your needs.

London Sunday Times

Just when I think that life is so wonderful and couldn’t get any better, Something grand happens to totally blow my mind, in a good way. We were mentioned in the London Sunday Times today. One of our members, Amelia Powers, was interviewed about her recovery from cancer.

She is passionate about the use of cannabis for her healing journey from an aggressive brain tumor and wants to let the world know about its talented designer. Given the Feds stance on cannabis, we are keeping a low profile. I did not want my name or Synergy’s name used in the article. Amelia refers to me as “the Wizard of Woodacre”. A very fitting moniker. If you do a Google search on wizard and Woodacre, it takes you to our Synergy Wellness website.

The Sunday Times article is a shorter version of this article:


Cannabis is such a complex plant. It has 85+ cannabinoids and 50+ terpenes. Each strain has a different combination of ratios and values of the components working together. We believe that CBD is the most important ingredient. However, we know the healing medicine needs all the components working together in a synergistic harmony.


Several members of our collective got ACDC clones last spring and have been growing them outdoors. If you are interested in getting the healing medicine out into the world, we would love to partner with you. As knowledge of CBD increases, demand also increases.  We could use any ACDC plant material for the tincture supply. Please contact our office to discuss this.

Please contact us for more information.


Autumn 2013 Crop






Spirit of the Plant

According to all indigenous cultures, all plants are living Spirits. To achieve maximum benefit for your health and healing it’s important that you tune into the spirit of the medicine before ingesting it. Always take a moment to thank the spirit of the cannabis plant and ask for optimum healing. Expressing gratitude and appreciation can open your receptivity channels and help you receive the magnificent healing power of plant medicine.

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I’ve been using Synergy Wellness products for almost 3 years now. They have helped me greatly with symptom relief from the conventional cancer treatments that I chose. I’ve found no better medicine for relief of chemo induced nausea and radiation induced nerve damage pain than the organic, cbd-rich products that are grown with love right here in Marin. It’s nice to have a friend that I trust to provide safe and gentle medicine for my ongoing fight. Thank you for your progressive and natural care.

___BG, Fairfax, CA

Autumn 2013 Crop







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