Cannabis Tincture is a liquid extract or infusion of medical marijuana, taken orally. We carry both indica and sativa-based tinctures as well as CBD-rich products and blends. Tincture of Cannabis has been made for over 5,000 years and in the past 250 years, major U.S. pharmaceutical companies produced and distributed until 1937.

Tinctures currently available include:


CBD Rich:

Alcohol Based

ACDC       1 oz =500 mg CBD,  2 oz = 1,000 mg CBD           #102
Valentine X   1 oz =500 mg CBD,  2 oz = 1,000 mg CBD  #110
Harlequin              #128
Canna Tonic         #124
Sour Tsunami      #140
Omrita RX             #136
Canna Sue             #126
CBD Indica Blend 4:1 (4 parts CBD to 1 part Indica strains)    #115
CBD Sativa Blend 4:1  (4 parts CBD to 1 part Sativa strains)   #116

Oil Based

ACDC    1 oz =500 mg CBD,  2 oz = 1,000 mg CBD                        #100
Valentine X   1 oz = 500 mg CBD,  2 oz = 1,000 mg CBD           #111
CBD Indica Blend 4:1 (4 parts CBD to 1 part Indica strains)  #103


  • Third Eye (alcohol)      #132
  • OG Kush (alcohol)       #134
  • Solara (Blue Dream x Northern Lights) (alcohol)  #138
  • THCA (for pain- non psychoactive)            #122
  • Sativa Blend (Oil) (Sour Diesel)                     #119
  • Super Sativa (alcohol)   (Chem Dawg) THC + THCa  #120


  • Indica Blend- Alcohol #129
  • Indica Blend - Oil         #117

During the growing process, organic nutrients are used to feed the plants. After harvest, the cannabis is dried and pulverized. At this point, a process of decarboxylation is applied, heating the cannabis to convert all the THCA to THC and converting the CBDA to CBD. We also have one tincture that is not decarboxylated to maintain the THCA qualities which are not psychoactive.

The dried cannabis is kept in an alcohol base for 7 weeks. Stored in a dark cool place as it brews, every day the brewing tincture is shaken and energized. 190 proof food grade grain alcohol is used as a solvent to extract the cannabis oils. These are called cannabinoids: THC, CBD, CBN, CBT and CBC to name a few. There are over 85 different cannabinoids. We believe that these very small amounts of various cannabinoids are extremely valuable, both in their individual medicinal value as well as working together as a team, called the entourage effect. Hence, we produce a full plant extract containing all the components intact, providing a synergistic medicine.


To better understand the properties of these tinctures, please look up the properties of the individual flowers that are used to make the blends. They can be found on the pages for flowers:  CBD strains, Sativa strains and Indica strains.


The final product comes in 1 & 2 ounce bottles. The recommended dose varies for the medical condition, sensitivity, body chemistry and body weight. Often the dose is .5-3 ml. Dosage will vary between patients, due to individual sensitivity. Typically, one oz will contain 15-30 doses. One dose usually last 6-8 hours and initial effects will be felt after 45-60 minutes.

Finding the correct dose is called titration. Each person will have to experiment a bit to discover what dose works best for them. It is best to start off cautiously, taking about 1/2 of the anticipated dose. If you do not feel much, or any effect of the medication, increase the dose slightly the next scheduled time to take the medication. Keep increasing the dose over one week, keeping notes of the results.

When you get to the dose that feels too much, then lighten the dose a little bit. The tincture comes in bottles with an eye dropper dispenser, facilitating accurate measurement of the dosage. One to 3 full eye droppers is usually one dose. Some people take as little as 3 drops. Some take 5 ml. One large squeeze of the dropper will put about .5-1.0 ml in the dropper tube, which will make the dropper 1/2 - 3/4 full. One ml = 25-30 drops for alcohol and 20 drops for oil based tinctures. 5 ml = 1 tsp. It is best to get a one ml syringe with measure marks.

For Epilepsy, we are seeing fairly good results with .5 - 1 mg CBD/lb/day broken into 3 doses with the ACDC olive oil based tincture.
For Cancer, the recommended dose is 2 - 3 mg/lb/day, divided into 3 doses/day.
Please consult with your doctor for more specific dose recommendations for cancer and other medical conditions.

The tincture is taken orally. It is recommended to mix it with water, ginger tea or juice, just enough to dilute the 190 proof alcohol, so it does not burn the tongue. While it is best on an empty stomach, it can be taken after a meal also. If the THC is causing a problem with feeling intoxication, a little food in the stomach will reduce the psychoactive effects. Also, reduce the dose of THC. Cannabis is a natural herb; it does not interfere with pharmaceutical medications and can be used in conjunction with other medicinal regimes.


Synergy Wellness tinctures are made from the highest quality products. Clients using the tincture have reported beneficial effects for a wide range of conditions. These include:

Cancer treatment side effects

    • Nausea (Sativa)
    • Loss of appetite ((Sativa)
    • Depression (Sativa)
    • Anxiety (CBD, ACDC & Indica)
    • Pain (indica)

Back Pain, inflammation and other chronic pain (THCA, ACDC Indica blend, Indica and all CBD Rich products). We have found that the 4:1 ratio CBD:THC has worked best for pain issues, in general.
Tremors from Parkinson's disease, MS and nerve damage (ACDC, ACDC Indica Blend Indica)
Stress - (ACDC is our best stress medicine. Other CBD Rich strains also work)
Cancer - Latest research indicates that CBD (cannabidiol) is effective in stopping the propagation of cancer cells. It also promotes apoptosis, helping the mutant cancer cell remember how to die. It also aids in tumor reduction and reduced inflammation. Recent research  from Spain indicates that THC is very important in the shrinking of tumors. CBD and THC work well together and CBD does need some THC as a catalyst to make it work better. Our current protocol usually includes either the ACDC blended 4:1 tinctures (Indica and Sativa) or the CO2 extract oils (7:1, 4:1 and 1:1 ratio). If people with cancer are using the tinctures, they should be taking 3-4 ml per dose, 3 times a day.
Epilepsy -  ACDC  is our version of Charlotte's Web. ACDC tincture is available in an olive oil or alcohol base. Olive oil base is preferred for children. Because there is such a low amount of THC, is it safe for children. We have seen approximately a 90% success rate in reduction of frequency, intensity and duration of seizures. Latest test results are 17 mg/ml CBD , 0.7 mg/ml THC.

Other Formulas

In collaboration with Pine Street Clinic and Michael Broffman, Synergy Wellness has made two special formulas that are now available.
These are general formulas designed to cover a wide range of use. They have been formulated to offset the side effects from chronic persistent usage of cannabis in a medical setting.

They also have these specific properties:

Formula 1 mildly generates lung & kidney yin, stimulate digestive enzymes, mild detoxify and strengthen brain & neurological functions.  #150
Formula 1  contains:   High CBD Indica, Noni, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps, Dandelion, Passion Flower, Marshmellow, Milk Thistle

Formula 2 Strengthens yang, increases Qi, stimulates the immune system and strengthens blood.    #152
Formula 2 contains:   Balanced CBD/THC Sativa, Moringa, Astragalus, Cordyseps, Nettle, Tulsi, Meadowsweet, Echinacea

Click here for other test results.

ACDC oil 11-11-14

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.